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~ founded 1851 ~
the oldest German singing society in the Washington area

2434 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20007


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last update: July 9, 2022

Site Map

    The Washington Sängerbund’s - Homepage

    The Washington Sängerbund’s - History

    Meet the Washington Sängerbund’s - Conductor

    Become a member of the Washington Sängerbund - Join the WSB

    How to become a sponsor of the Washington Sängerbund - Friends of WSB

    Sign up for the Washington Sängerbund’s - Mailing list

    The Washington Sängerbund’s - Photos and Sounds

    Washington Sängerbund member announcements - Schedule

    The Washington Sängerbund’s governing body - The Board

    The Washington Sängerbund - Contacts

    We mourn past members - In Memoriam

    Other sites of German interest - Links

    The Washington Sängerbund’s website - Site Map

    Aus Deutschen Kreisen - Deutsche Berichte und Reportagen

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